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Technical Support


Here are some easy answers to questions that you may be having with your pager.  If you didn’t get an instruction book or you misplaced it, you can print it out from the User Guides below.  You also can print out the voice mail instructions and how to send a text message, if you have an alphanumeric pager.


General Support


Trouble-shooting Tips


Telepage Voicemail Instructions


Sending a text message using USAMobility


Sending a text message using Cook Paging


Sending a message using American Messaging


User Guides


Appollo 777 and T-Plus


Apollo 924


Apollo Gold 929


BluFi BW28A


BluFi BW98E


BR 502


Bravo 500


Bravo 800


Bravo FLX


Bravo Plus

Eagle Ranger


Motorola Express Extra


Motorola LS350


Motorola LS550


Motorola LS750


Motorola LS850


Motorola Pronto

Motorola PF1500


Motorola Ultra Express


Motorola Wordline


ST 800 Plus


ST AN1000


Unication Elite


Unication Gold


Unication NP88




With questions or for more information, please call toll-free:  (800)-558-2255 or 916-340-2700
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