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Optional Services



  • Add Voicemail to your pager
  • Includes custom voice greeting
  • Single number access
  • 24 to 72 hour message hold

Numeric Retrieval

  • Never miss another page
  • Computer stores numeric numbers - you dial in to retrieve them.

Mobile Page

  • Provides another level of confidence that you will receive your pages.
  • Will allow customers to have messages that are sent to their pager, to be copied to different addresses or devices, such as:

    • Email
    • Cell phone/text messaging
    • Or other pager numbers

  • Add a second phone number to your cell phone without a pager.

Custom Voice Greeting

  • Caller hears your voice when your pager is dialed.

Personal 800-numbers

Second and Third Phone Numbers

  • Do you have family or friends from another part of the state paging you?  Give them a local number to dial.

Local pager phone numbers from most areas of California and the U.S.


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